Degree: MSc Management of Innovation
Format: Full-time
Credits: 60
Duration: 12 months
Start: August 2022 (week 34)

  • 40% international students in programme
  • 95% of graduates employed within 3 months after graduation
  • Examples of your future job title: Business developer, product manager, innovation consultant

MSc Management of Innovation

Organisations and businesses crave leaders who can generate innovative ideas and implement them. In this programme, you will learn how to develop an innovation strategy, create an innovation culture, foster creative ideas, and lead innovation projects. You will explore scientific theories and case studies, and address business challenges so you can apply your learning to real business situations. You will join other students with diverse backgrounds as you learn management skills for leading innovation activities.

You will be able to think strategically about organisations, to overcome resistance to new ideas, and to implement innovations. You will learn to lead successful and meaningful changes and innovations in products, services, technologies, and business models. These capabilities will help you innovate in organisations and, perhaps more importantly, will help you to continuously innovate yourself.

Graduates from this programme stand out from other job candidates by their capabilities for exploring creative soltutions to current and future problems, and for seizing new business opportunities. They often find jobs in the big technology-driven organisations or consultancy firms. You will find career opportunities in leading digital transformation, new business development, and innovation project management across a broad range of industries.

In this programme you can learn more about specialist areas of business such as circular economy, open innovation, and intellectual property law. There are opportunities for those with technical experience, programming skills, and knowledge about AI, as described in the report written by McKinsey about the future of work and what it means for jobs, skills and wages.


RSM is a top business school located in Rotterdam; the city is highly international and a gateway to Europe. Students work in small group environments; you’ll get to know your professors well in such a highly interactive – and highly international – classroom. All of your courses draw on research evidence; you learn it directly from the world-renowned international faculty members who are developing new knowledge of innovation management and are actively contributing to academic research and practice in innovation management.

It’s a highly practical programme which is research-based and experience-driven. You will work on innovation processes and challenges in companies to put your theoretical knowledge into practice. For example, in the course that teaches you about implementing innovations, you will team up with fellow students to prepare a business model proposal for a company so it can cope with a real and current innovation challenge. You can choose from a broad range of elective courses that include subjects such as new business development and innovation networks. You’ll become actively involved with your subject in lectures too, digging deep into the research and methodology of innovations. research.

Is it right for me?

This programme is for those who want to help organisations move forward by creating new ideas, services, technologies and business models. It develops your practical skills, and you learn how to be a catalyst for innovation throughout your career. This is a one-year, full-time programme for recent bachelor graduates who have the ambition to create societal and organisational impact through innovation.

Sarah Ripke  (MSc Management of Innovation 2020)

Being a student of the MSc Management of Innovation has taught me a lot of practical skills, and pushed my hands-on mentality. I especially liked the balance between academic knowledge and practical applications in the courses. It gave me space to combine creativity and business knowledge, which now I am eager to share in my future career because I know I will stand out with my skills. Every instructor encourages you to share not just your opinion but also your knowledge. This feeling of sharing and collaborating to generate the most innovative ideas, concepts, strategies, or cultures was a unique part of my study. I think that this master program suits anyone that is a bit more open-minded and eager to change business environments into a better one. With every student joining from a different field, the knowledge generated in class will rise tremendously. This is a study which is not seeking homogeneity, but which profits from heterogeneity. Everyone is welcome, every opinion is appreciated as long as you respect and help one another.


RSM’s MSc Management of Innovation ranks first in the top 10 master programmes dedicated to innovation management worldwide, according to the prominent online learning platform