Why this programme?

Why this programme?

Why marketing?

It’s a very exciting time to begin a career in marketing, which is increasingly working with social media, big data and globalisation. Experienced marketers in all kinds of businesses and organisations are now looking for talent to help them face these new challenges. Graduates with experience and formal training that includes these new domains can make a real impact in these organisations.

The diverse and fascinating field of marketing involves a wide range of activities, including the harvesting of market information, strategy development, and communication.

Our objective: your successful career

Our goal was to design a programme to make sure our graduates succeed in the jobs market as well as later in their careers. But your personal passion is the most important ingredient for success, so our programme allows you to specialise in the domain of your choice.

Whichever path you choose, we make sure you have the skills to meet the important demands of the job market: real-life problem-solvinginternational perspective, leadershipteamwork, and communication.

A solid base with career-defining specialisation

Our programme is carefully designed to combine a solid, all-round educational base with relevant and up-to-date specialisation. During the autumn semester, you will learn the core topics of marketing, exploring research and managerial decision-making, consumer behaviour and strategy. The Personal Development and Skills Training module will help you to become more self-aware and confident. Read more about our core courses here.

In the spring semester you will follow one of three tracks; Brand and Product Management, Digital Marketing and Analytics, or the Individual Study Plan. Each track offers a selection of elective courses; you can see them here. You will also complete your thesis project.

Brand and Product Management elective track

Many of our graduates go on to successful careers in brand and product management. This track is designed to support students with this career goal. It includes established foundation topics such as communication and branding, and newer and emerging ones such as neuromarketing and how to ‘nudge’ or influence the choices of consumers. The track is suitable for students who want to work as brand manager, product manager, category manager, or similar positions in B2C and B2B companies. This track can also prepare students wanting to work for governmental agencies and NGOs in communications and consumer welfare.

Digital Marketing and Analytics elective track

This track aims to train future marketers working in digital marketing. New methods of customer analytics and big data have an important role in digital marketing, so the track emphasises new techniques for generating customer insight. It will prepare you to work in positions related to mobile marketing, social media, big data, and general technology.

Individual Study Plan elective track

This track allows you to create a personalised study plan to pursue your own goals and aspirations. Students selecting an individual study plan can choose from any marketing electives and electives offered by other MSc programmes at RSM. You can choose only one non-marketing elective. Students selecting this track are typically interested in start-ups and consulting.

Focus on problem-solving

Teaching problem-solving is complex. Our professors have learnt that an approach combining abstract, theory driven thinking with pragmatic, real life focus is the most effective method. They help our students develop deep knowledge of the most relevant, up-to-date concepts in marketing and management.

At the same time, our programme is practice-oriented. It makes extensive use of case studies, group work and experiential learning. Courses involve practical projects such as data analytics using real-life data, a real-life business problem, and an audit of a real brand. We provide you with opportunities to network with business leaders.

Guest lectures from world-leading companies such as Unilever, P&G and Philips feature in most courses. Part of the International Product Management elective, our unique international marketing ‘Brandstorm’ competition gives students the opportunity to be coached by L’Oréal executives. Students on our Honours Programme can network with successful RSM alumni when they attend the Frontiers in Marketing public lecture series presented by outstanding practitioners and academics.

International perspective

RSM is a European business school with a global perspective. We have designed our courses to bring you the best of international theory and practice from our researchers and professors the majority of whom are also international. We teach using case studies and real life examples from diverse global locations, and you will work with classmates from all over the world in the classroom, and on projects out of the classroom too.

Leadership, teamwork and communication skills

Our programme opens with a Personal Development and Skills course focusing on writing and presentation. Next, students begin their thesis trajectory, designed so that you manage the direction and pace of your own project. You will also control the relationship with your two thesis advisers and with other students working on related topics. You will learn about your research topic at the same time as developing your leadership and teamwork skills.

Most courses involve group assignments – yet another opportunity to develop these skills. Elective courses frequently feature presentations and discussions, often in the presence of leading industry practitioners. This will also help you to advance your public speaking skills.

Our students often become leaders of the highly-professional and active student organisations on campus.

Internships and exchange programmes

For some career paths, it’s important that you complete an internship. Some students seek additional training or gain international experience on an exchange programme. Our programme embraces all of these initiatives and is structured to optimise the experience.

For many of you, making the transition back to studies in class after working during your internship or exchange can be challenging. We have arranged our curriculum –– including the thesis trajectory –, so that all of your study obligations are fulfilled in one year, leaving you free to take up your internship or to go on study exchange before you officially graduate and move into your professional life.

See how our program can influence your future career