Tudor Feraru

Tudor Feraru

Name                                  : Tudor Feraru
Current job title               : Junior creative at MEC London (April 2016)
Year of graduation          : 2015
Nationality                        : Romanian

Why did you choose this MSc?
“As an aspiring creative on the agency side, I felt like I needed to add some left-brain marketing knowledge to balance out my right hemisphere dominated brain. To be more precise, I wanted to learn more about psychology and consumer behaviour and in respect to this I resonated with the curriculum offered by this MSc. Besides the usual suspects like ranking, job prospects and location, the decisive factor for me was RSM’s very own Behavioural Lab with which Marketing Management students can interact and potentially make use of for their thesis. Not many of master degrees in the world can provide this opportunity.”  

How would you describe the programme and RSM?
“First of all, I found the programme to be very well rooted in the realities of the industry and I often find myself going through the lecture slides when tackling a brief. Also, the structure of the programme gives a lot of freedom in that it enables students to specialise in any particular area of marketing. So it’s not a ”single malt” but a bespoke “blend” which students can create for themselves and that is incredibly useful. RSM’s lectures are designed as dialogues rather than monologues, which is important in marketing since there’s never one right answer. On top of this, RSM offers lots of opportunities outside the curriculum. I worked with the Marketing Association (MAEUR) on organising the Advertising Day. You also have STAR, ESN and lots of other associations. So to sum everything up in two words: growth opportunities. And lots of them.”   

What was the biggest challenge in this master?
“Probably the rigour. You need to always be able to think critically and provide clear scientific evidence for any claim you make, whether you’re talking about advertising or analytics. As one of the most famous ad men in history, George Lois, said, ‘creating great work is 1 per cent inspiration, 9 per cent perspiration and 90 per cent justification’. This is not to say that this master squeezes creativity out of marketing, but rather gives you a wider canvas, which you can use to generate and rationalise great ideas. And since we live in a world where technology democratised creativity, having this wider canvas can make a world of difference.” 

What made the greatest impression?
“The people. Everyone was smart, down to earth and genuinely nice. I met some of my best friends here and I’m very proud to have been part of this cohort. Also the relation between staff and students gave me a sense of community, which is rare in most prestigious academic institutions.”   How did your studies at RSM shape your career? “My studies at RSM shaped my thinking, which naturally shaped my career in that I developed a more well-rounded discourse and – as cliché as it may sound – broadened my horizons. I was therefore in a much better position than before to compete for a job.”