What is GMAT?

The Graduate Management Admissions Test (GMAT) is a test used by business schools around the world to measure the skills of the applicants in certain analytical, writing, quantitative, verbal, and reading skills in written English. 

Guidelines and deadlines

Submitting a GMAT score is mandatory (see exemptions below). The minimum required score is 600 (For MSc Finance & Investments Advanced 650). Applications without a sufficient and valid GMAT score will not be considered for admission. SAT and GRE scores will not be accepted.

However, we understand that you would rather not take the test until you have some clarity concerning your eligibility. We are willing to make an indication of this if you submit an online application. If your previous education is accepted and your GPA is sufficient, you will have until the application deadline or until the programme has reached capacity (whichever occurs first) to hand in sufficient results. Also note that incomplete applications can only be evaluated until one month before the deadline. After this we advice you to only submit your application once you have all test scores.

Please note that the scores need to be submitted in your application by the application deadline*:

  • 31st of January for MSc International Management/CEMS
  • 31st of March for MSc Finance & Investments Advanced
  • 15th of May for all other programmes

*Some programmes (i.e. MSc Finance & Investments, MSc Business Information Management or MScBA Master in Management) may fill up before the deadline and in this case the GMAT scores must be handed in before the programme has reached capacity.

Where and how to take the test

Almost every country has at least one GMAT test center. You can check the availability in your country via the official website. The current fee for taking the test is US$250.00. The costs of the test is not covered by RSM.

The GMAT exam consists of 4 parts, a quantitative section, a verbal section, an analytical writing assessment and integrated reasoning.  The first 2 sections are used to determine your overall score. Therefore RSM does not require you to complete the analytical writing assessment nor the integrated reasoning part.

Preparation courses

The Language & Training Center at Erasmus University offers GMAT preparation courses at the Woudestein Campus. For schedules and detailed information click here.


GMAT exam results can be verified only if you have given RSM permission to access your score. This is usually done by requesting a score report to be sent to RSM when taking the test. You can also request for this to be done later. RSM also accepts the unofficial score report which you will receive right after taking the test as long as we can verify your score later.


Students with a bachelor degree from a research university (WO) issued by a University in the Netherlands that have a GPA of 7.0 or higher are exempted from submitting a GMAT score. Students with a Dutch WO bachelor diploma who do not meet the GPA requirement must submit a GMAT score of 600 or higher. The GMAT exemption does not apply to the Master in Management and the pre-master programmes. For more information please visit our FAQ section.

GMAT fee waivers

For the application season 2018 (starting in October 2017) RSM has obtained 10 GMAT fee waivers. These are given to eligible applicants on request and of first come first served basis. The waivers may only be redeemed when registering for the GMAT test. Therefore if you have already registered for the test date, you can no longer use this waiver.

In order to apply for the GMAT waiver complete the following steps:

  • Write a brief motivation statement explaining why you think you should be granted a GMAT waiver.
  • Upload the motivation statement to the online application form instead of your GMAT score.
  • Complete and submit your application.
  • RSM will evaluate your application and if you are eligible for admission, there are still waivers left and there is enough time to take the exam before the application deadline of the programme you are applying to, we will send you a waiver.