In your application, if possible, please provide an academic transcript that includes a grade point average (GPA). Applicants are expected to have obtained a GPA that is equivalent to a 7.0 out of 10 in the Dutch education system, which is considered to be above average. (7.5 for Finance & Investments Advanced).

RSM calculates GPA's based on all of the grades from your bachelor programme. Some universities only use the last two years of your bachelor to calculate a GPA. If this is the case, RSM will not use the calculation provided by your university but will re-calculate the GPA. If you have also started or completed a master's programme, we will add the grades obtained to the GPA calculation.

Students with a bachelor degree from a research university (WO) issued by a University in the Netherlands that have a GPA of 7.0 or higher are exempted from submitting a GMAT score (7.5 for Finance & Investments Advanced). Students with a Dutch WO bachelor diploma who do not meet the GPA requirement must submit a GMAT score of 600 or higher (650 for Finance & Investments Advanced). The GMAT exemption does not apply to the Master in Management and the pre-master programmes.

Grade point averages can be expressed differently in other education systems. Rough indications of acceptable GPA’s from different countries can be found below. These examples are subject to change without prior notice. Please note that the RSM Admissions Manager will ultimately decide whether a GPA is sufficient or not.

Please provide an academic transcript with a diploma supplement in your application package if possible as the GPA is usually calculated in the supplement. For more information, please visit the FAQ section or our website.

Austria: 2.4
Belgium: 14/20, 70% or 2nd class honours
Brazil: 8
Bulgaria: 5
Canada: B+
China: 3.0 or 70/100
Denmark: 7
Estonia: 4 or B
Finland: 3
France: 13.5/20
Germany: 2.4 
Greece: 7.0
Hungary: 4
Indonesia: 3 or B
Iran: 14
Ireland: upper second
Italy: 100/110
Latvia: 8
Lithuania: 8
Mexico: 8
Norway: B
Poland: 4
Portugal: 15/20
Romania: 8
Russia: 4
South Africa: 2nd class upper division
South Korea: 3.3 or B
Spain: 7
Sweden: VG (or G if the majority of grades are VG). When using the ECTS grading scale: C
Switzerland: 5/6 or 7/10
Turkey: 70
UK: 2nd class honours, first division
Ukraine: 9
Vietnam: 7