Angela Hooijmaijers

Angela Hooijmaijers

Name                                  : Angela Hooijmaijers
Current job title               : management trainee at KPN
Year of graduation          : 2015
Nationality                        : Dutch    

Why did you choose this MSc?
“I had studied international logistics and economics, in which I learned about increasing efficiency and effectiveness. But I hadn’t learned how to implement these changes and how to deal with the impact these changes have. So I was looking for a practical master programme, with interactive classes where I could learn how to implement and advise about change, which I found in the MSc in Organisational Change and Consulting.”  

How would you describe the programme and RSM?
“OCC gives students a lot of space to discover the impact of change during the projects and cases at companies. Because of the small classes there’s room for interaction and discussions, and to experiences the difficulties you face during a change process. At RSM, you use all the advantages of a well-respected business school. There are many opportunities to take part in classes or other activities that are part of other master programmes.”  

What was the biggest challenge in this master?
“The master thesis; I had to guide a company during a cultural change. One the one hand this was exciting because I could practice what I had learned. On the other hand it was frightening because it was a real-life case. Although it was the most difficult part for me, it also was the part in which I learned the most.”  

What made the greatest impression?
“The company cases made the biggest impression on me; we learned first-hand what change does, and how to give advice on change. During the study I also learned about my own passions which helped me in making the right choices during my career. I plan to never stop learning and challenging myself.”