How to write an excellent motivation

In the past we asked our applicants to motivate their applications in a motivation letter. This part of the application has been replaced by four questions in the online application form. Your answers to these questions should be written concisely. For the programmes with rolling admission, the questions should be seen as a way of introducing yourself to the Admissions Office, but the questions are not scored and they will not be used as a part of the evaluation process. For programmes with extra selection (MSc International Management/CEMS and MSc Finance & Investments Advanced) the questions will help the MSc selection committee prepare for the second selection round (interview). 

1. What demonstrates your sincere interest in the programme you are applying for? 

The first thing we would like you to address in your motivation letter is your ambition to be admitted to one of our MSc programmes. Some questions to ask yourself are:

  • What action have you taken so far that has prepared you for this masters programme?
  • What attracted you to this particular masters programme? 
  • Why are you attracted to an international masters programme? 


2. How do you expect the programme you are applying for to contribute to your future plans? 

In the second question we ask you to tell us about your plans for the future and how you expect the programme you'll do at RSM to help you realize these plans. 


3. Why should we select you to participate in the programme you are applying for?

In the third question we would like to you to tell us what sets you apart from other students applying for the same programme and why we should choose you. This question is particularly important for students applying for the MSc International Management/CEMS and MSc Finance & Investments Advanced programme, as only the best students get chosen for these programmes.


4. What other relevant information do you want to share with us in order to motivate your application?

Where were you born, where have you lived, what is your nationality, where did you go to school, in what kind of international activities have you participated. You can also write about what you feel you can add to the international dimension of the programme. Sometimes there may be information that is important for the application but we can't see in the documents you upload to the application. For example if you are dyslexic or your grades have been affected by personal circumstances, please let us know.


In conclusion, the motivation is something to be taken seriously, but also something to have fun with. Tell us who you are, what your dreams and motivations are and most importantly, why you think you should be selected to study at the most prestigious business school in the Netherlands!