Katerina Stamataki

Katerina Stamataki

Name                                    : Katerina Stamataki
Current job title                 : junior manager at Golden Bay Suites
Year of graduation            : 2015
Nationality                          : Greek

Why did you choose this MSc?
“I come from an entrepreneurial family, and wanted a master programme for personal cultivation and not necessarily to display it on my CV. So, I was seeking for a master which would add a new dimension to my way of thinking and perceiving business. I believed that RSM’s MSc in Strategic Entrepreneurship would enlighten the process and provide me with insight and a different perspective on the first steps of new venture.”  

How would you describe the programme and RSM?
“RSM is a very international environment in which a students are stimulated and inspired. The MSc Strategic Entrepreneurship is a unique master programme chosen by smart ambitious people with different background and aspirations and this is what makes it the most special. Also, the approach was very pragmatic with many guest speakers during lectures and on field assignments.”  

What made the greatest impression?
“The atmosphere in the classroom which was partly because the teachers are very approachable and cultivate a climate of conversation which adds to the learning process, and partly because of the developed dynamics of students. That made classroom time both a constructive and fun.”  

How did your studies at RSM shape your career?
“I was able to understand the dynamics of business environment better and thus undertake more responsibilities in the family business.”  

What are your future plans?
“In the near future my plan is to grow and strengthen the existing family business. I will really fulfil my dreams and my potential when I will start a new venture and build it from scratch!”