Chiel Willers

Chiel Willers

After finishing my Bachelor in Business Administration at RSM, I was not sure which Master programme to choose. After long consideration I decided on the Supply Chain Management programme. Now, being midway through the programme, I can conclude that it was the right decision for me.

This Master programme really challenges you and educates you to become a true specialist in the area of supply chain management. The programme consists of four core courses (Fall/Winter), followed by two electives (Spring/Summer) and is completed with the thesis which you work on during the electives. For the core courses you will work in teams on supply chain related cases that organisations face in real life. 

A great advantage of the programme is that we are taught by professors with significant experience in the field. The fact that we have much interaction with them and one another makes our classes really valuable to me! During the company excursions organised by the programme, we get the chance to apply the theory learned in those classes directly to practice. 

The Supply Chain Management master at RSM is an internationally highly renowned programme, reflected in the presence of a lot of international students. This makes this Master even more interesting since this stimulates interesting discussions. 

Of course, the social character of studying is also important. We have drinks and parties with fellow students on a regular basis, getting to know each other also outside the walls of the classroom. It is the combination of the academic, practical, international, and social that makes this programme a really interesting and challenging Master.

Chiel Willers
BSc Business Administration, RSM
Started MSc Supply Chain Management in 2011