Christine Fröger

Christine Fröger

Studying Accounting & Control (accountancy track) at RSM is the beginning of a career in auditing. For me it helps me reach my goals, such as having the possibility to start in September with the post-initiële education in accountancy. 

 A&C is a relatively small master, which gives you the opportunity to get to know your fellow students and also your professors. During

 the classes there is a lot of interaction and discussion. These discussions not only help you to better understand the subject it also gives you the opportunity to form your own opinion. 

 Besides the academically part Erasmus University gives you all kind of opportunities to further enhance your personal skills. By becoming a board member of the Master Study Club Financial Management, I have the opportunity to organize great events for the accounting students as well as to develop my personal skills. 

Christine Fröger 
The Netherlands 
BSc at RSM 2005 - 2009 
MSc in Accounting & Control started in 2009