Ivana Lotte

Ivana Lotte

In September 2011, I started my master Accounting & Control at the RSM Erasmus University. The reason I chose to study this Master at RSM, is because of the good academic reputation the RSM has. Besides that, I also studied my Bachelor in Business Administration at RSM, which has been a very good experience. 

Accounting teaches me the core issue of management: the economic viability of an organization. This I find very interesting. And the other thing that really appeals to me is that I have the opportunity to further develop myself by doing the post-master after this programme.  

The AC master is a relatively small programme with many international students, creating a diverse and fun group of students. Because of the small group size, lectures are very interactive and teachers are open and willing to answer all of your questions. You will get to know your fellow student quickly, especially during the different group projects. These group projects are mainly cases in which you have to apply theory to real life situations, giving you a deeper understanding of the courses. From time to time the programme can be challenging, a good thing if you ask me. It keeps you focused and you learn a lot form it. 

The master also offers room for extracurricular opportunities. For example, I just started my internship at one of the Big4 companies (the four largest Accountancy Organizations in The Netherlands) to write my thesis. This is a great way to get to know a company of your interest. Besides that, I am also a board member in the Master Study Club Financial management. This board gives me the chance to organize many activities. It is a great way to develop my personal skills and to do something both fun and related to my master. Other nice examples of extracurricular activities offered by the RSM are the possibility to go on exchange or to join a study trip.

Ivana Lotte 
BSc Business Administration 
Started MSc in Accounting & Control in 2011