Company endorsements

Company endorsements

Roland Teixeira

General Electrics (GE) as a corporation is mainly involved in B2B. The link with RSM therefore brings GE’s business closer to students as it heightens acquaintance with GE’s activities in Energy, Mobility and Healthcare. By being in touch with students GE is also in contact with new and fresh ideas – something highly appreciated considering GE’s logo ‘Imagination at work’. Contact with RSM is also used as a funnel for GE’s recruitment programs. As you can see on our website we are offering a variety of positions worldwide. GM students are especially eligible with their breadth of knowledge and skills obtained through the combination of a disciplinary bachelor and a management master. Potential positions include: Financial Analyst, Finance Intern, Sales Developer, New Business Intern, Sales Engineer and Customer Service Manager. Please have also a look at our ‘Experienced Leadership Program’. We invite you to apply to one of our businesses and we are happy to see you back as a colleague.

Roland Teixeira, CEO, GE Benelux

Maarten Wanders

Shell has been actively collaborating and co-operating with the RSM for many years and we support RSM’s education programmes. In particular, we emphasize the benefits of the General Management programme. Whatever your role at Shell, you’ll be part of a diverse and internationally connected network. You will be working in a diverse team with people from different backgrounds. Our graduate programme is designed to allow you to use your talents to the full on a range of major projects. We look to provide day to day responsibilities that will help you grow through experience. Continuous learning is also an effective way to develop your strengths.

We have a range of potential career opportunities for graduates fresh out of university to join the company and help meet the energy challenges. GM students have certain qualities we are looking for in Shell. We challenge you to apply at:

Maarten Wanders, University Relations Manager, Shell International