Social entrepreneurial RSM students

Social entrepreneurial RSM students

The Kembé Foundation


“Kembé” is a Haitian Creole expression that is used to encourage people who find themselves in a seemingly desperate situation “stay strong, don’t give up!” The goal of the Kembé Foundation is to support these people by setting up social-entrepreneurial projects in developing countries. The projects are different in every country yet they have certain aspects in common. All projects set up by the Kembé Foundation intend to assist people in order to help them take care of themselves.

This ambitious organization has been independently founded and established by three IBA students from RSM Erasmus University in 2010. In a typical Rotterdam ‘lets roll up our sleeves’ spirit, the founding members felt ready to put their theoretical knowledge to the test and improve life of impoverished simultaneously. Every year, the Kembé Foundation selects a viable business idea, sets up a local partnership, writes a strategic business plan, raises money and finally travels down to the specific country to initiate the project.

Last year, the Kembé Foundation set up a chicken farm in Haiti, which has recently been completed. In August of this year, a delegation has conducted market research in Dehradun, India. Currently, we are finalizing the business plan for a dairy farm & educational facility and planning a trip to India in the summer of 2012! If you want to find out about us or contribute, visit our website at or find us on facebook!

Jorrit Weekenborg, Chairman of the 2011-2012 Kembé Board