Admission requirements master

Admission requirements master

Students who successfully complete the premaster programme in two consecutive academic years or less, will be eligible for one of the one-year master programmes communicated to you with your offer to the premaster. All premaster students will need to apply for their Master between 1 October and 15 May via studielink and the online application form. Please note that some of our Master’s programmes have caps and can fill up before the 15 May deadline so be sure to apply as soon as possible to save your spot in the programme.

Students deemed eligible for the MSc International Management / CEMS programme need to apply between 1 October and 31 January. Admission to this programme is selective and not guaranteed.

Master related courses

For admission to a specific master, RSM may require that you follow a specific master related course during your premaster. If you are eligible for more than one master and want to keep your options open, follow the courses for each specialisation you are interested in. Minimal credits: 4 – 6 EC. A complete list of the courses required or reccommended for each specialisation can be found in the curriculum section of the website.

Recommended courses

Most masters recommend that you follow an extra course. This optional course is meant to give you some extra, in-depth knowledge in the master of your choice.