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Frequently Asked Questions

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Welcome to our Frequently Asked Questions section where you will find answers to the most commonly asked questions in relation to our pre-experience bachelor and master programmes.

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Which programme should I choose in Studielink?

One of the most important steps in the registration process is enrolling for the correct programme in studielink. Be sure to fill in these fields exactly as stated below.

  • Academic year: Academic year 01-09-2018 / 31-08-2019
  • Institution of higher education: University
  • Type of study programme: bachelor of andere niet master opleiding
  • Starts in the first year: For Dutch pre-master choose Yes. For English pre-master choose No.

After you have filled in these fields, the next options will become active. Fill the second set in as follows:

  • Educational institution: Erasmus University Rotterdam
  • Study programme name : ​(Premaster / Schakelprogramma) Bedrijfskunde (RSM) (in Dutch) (for Dutch language premaster) or (Premaster / Schakelprogramma) International Business Administration (IBA) (in English) (for English language premaster)

For detailed instructions, please view the Studielink instructions for pre-master students.

Last update:
Wednesday, 27 September 2017

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What should I do when my Studielink-account is blocked?

You can contact the Erasmus Student Service Centre and request that they unblock your Studielink-account. Always include your full name and student number.

Last update:
Monday, 10 September 2018

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What is Studielink and how does it work?

Studielink is a national web-based system in the Netherlands used for the enrolment of students. Studielink is used for student registration, payment of tuition fees and changing your correspondence address. It is the first step of the application process for RSM.

Studielink can be confusing at times, and to help you with the registration we have created a Studielink instruction manual.

After you have registered in Studielink, you will receive a link to the Online Application Form (OLAF) where you can complete your application. 

Last update:
Friday, 28 September 2018

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I've been offered admission but my Studielink status still says "Enrolment application submitted". When can I expect this to change?

Once your offer is unconditional, RMS will confirm your enrolment and the Studielink status will change.

You should check the conditions of your offer in the Online Application Form 'OLAF' under the 'Offers' section. Instructions on how to make your offer unconditional are listed here

If your offer of admission has already been made unconditional, your admission will be confirmed in Studielink, but this process will only start around the end of June. Until then your Studielink status will say "The educational institution has yet to determine whether your previous education level is sufficient”.

Last update:
Friday, 15 May 2020

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