Online Education during Fall 2020

Online Education during Fall 2020

Given the uncertainty around the impact and effects of COVID-19 and our strong desire to give our future students clarity, we would like to inform you that Rotterdam School of Management, Erasmus University (RSM) has decided to offer the premaster programme online during the fall semester 2020-2021. This means that it will be possible to fully participate in the premaster programme from home, without the requirement of coming to Rotterdam.  You have guaranteed access to all classes and assessments and will be able to obtain all credits until January 2021 remotely. This also includes onboarding and kick-off activities.

RSM has successfully delivered online education to our current bachelor and master students during the past months and we will continue to do so in the coming academic year. We guarantee that online delivery will meet the same standards as our on-campus teaching does. This also implies that your final Master diploma obtained at RSM will be of equal value to our diploma’s conferred in pre-Corona times.

For your studies at RSM in the fall this implies the following:

  • All courses of the first and second block will be delivered fully online. The teaching of the lectures will be in the form of webcasts, videos, and MOOCs. Small-scale workshops for courses like Research Project and the Bachelor Thesis will be conducted online, in the envisaged group size, with teaching staff and teaching assistants guiding you through the exercises and assignments
  • The assessments (exams, assignments) will be online only and are ‘take home’. Many ‘traditional’ exams have been replaced by take home exams or assignments.
  • If circumstances allow, we may decide to offer some on campus teaching activities in the fall. If we are able to offer this, it will only be offered as an extra opportunity so students who are not in Rotterdam will not be missing out.
  • You will need a certain minimum computer equipment in order to participate in our classes.

    Operating system  
    • Mac OS X or Mac OS 10.10 and higher
    • Windows 7 and higher
    • Linux: Mint 17.1, Ubuntu 12.04, OpenSUSE 13.2 and higher
    Processor Minimum requirement is Intel i3 or comparable (e.g., AMD Ryzen 3); i5 and higher or comparable is recommended, especially when working with videoconference applications like Zoom.
    Working memory (RAM) 4 GB or higher is recommended
    Disk space 256 Gb or more, a SSD is recommended (as it is faster) but not mandatory.
    Video-Out HDMI
    Network connection

    Wired or wireless 600 kbps is a minimum, 1.5 Mbps or higher is recommended for video-based online interaction and collaboration (802.11 G)

    Mobile 3G or 4G

    Internet browser In general, recent versions of Chrome, Firefox, or Safari will work fine. Please note that Internet Explorer 11 and Edge do not work well for all applications. When you experience a problem, first try if using a different browser solves it.
    Other hardware

    A webcam, either built-in to your computer or one that connects via USB

    Speakers and a microphone, either built-in or USB plug-in or wireless Bluetooth

    For more tool-specific requirements, also see:




    If you do not possess the necessary IT and internet equipment you are recommended to purchase. If you have insufficient means to do so you can apply for financial support with Erasmus Trustfonds:


  • For some of our students, online delivery might bring extra challenges. If you experience difficulties due to existing conditions like dyslexia or ADD, have an auditive or visual impairment, need assistance in planning or have a home situation that is not ideal for studying, please contact one of our student advisers.

  • Every year Erasmus University Rotterdam organizes EUREKA week – a week full of introductory activities for its first-year students. EUREKA week will be an online event this year, taking place Sunday 16 August – Thursday 20 August.

    The official kick-off for the premaster programme will take place online on Thursday, 27 August.

  • There is no need to arrange housing for the fall semester if you do not intend to come to Rotterdam. If we can return to on-campus teaching as of January 2021, you should plan to rent a room from that time onwards.

  • As odd as it may sound, the fall semester at RSM will be cheaper than you might have anticipated:

    • There is no need to rent an apartment between August – December, which could save you between 1.400 and 2.000 Euro;
    • For those of you still living at home: you will not have the expenses that you would have living on your own like food, clothing and insurance.

    Please be aware however that you will still need to purchase study materials, like books.

    The 2020-2021 tuition fee will remain the same: € 1.036, -.


  • Students who need a visa to study in the Netherlands still need to arrange this. However, if you plan to remain in your home country and study online until January 2021, you do not have to start the process right away.

  • We realize that studying at RSM is about more than attending classes. Face-to-face interaction with teachers and fellow students is an important part of the study experience. While all essential elements of courses will be available online, we all look forward to post-Corona times and we hope to be able to make an on-campus start as of January 2021. From that moment on we expect you to be in Rotterdam, as most of the online teaching will be replaced again by on campus teaching.

  • For the latest information on the premaster programme, admission related issues e.g. please check

    For more general information on how Erasmus University is dealing with Corona, please check the EUR Corona Website ( for updates.