Practical matters and educational information systems

Practical matters and educational information systems

Registration via Studielink

“Studielink” is the online registration tool for all higher education in the Netherlands. All new students need to first register themselves through Studielink to obtain a student number and to be able to apply via the Online Application Form (OLAF).

Your registration via Studielink will only be considered complete after you have received your Student ID card and your proof of registration. The student ID card will only be sent to you once and it will be valid for the duration of your studies. The proof of registration is valid for one academic year.

If you have any questions about your registration in Studielink then you can best contact the ESSC (Erasmus Student Service Centre) by calling (010) 4082323 or via their website.

Here is the direct link to Studielink .

Student number

On the registration forms of Erasmus University, you will find your student number (for example: 12345ab). The student number is personal and will be the same number printed on your student card. The student number is at the same time your log on, for the so-called ERNA account, for the various systems that can be used at the programme in International Business Administration (for example Your student number is also connected to an e-mail account: Make sure that you always carry your student number with you while waiting for the official student card. 

MyEUR connects you to the main educational information systems of Erasmus University Rotterdam. The portal gives both students and staff – anywhere around the world – access to facilities such as webmail, OSIRIS, Canvas, SIN-Online and the university library. Next, MyEUR offers news, links and search engines. To log on to MyEUR, you need your ERNA account (as mentioned above).


SIN-Online is the intranet for students. You will find information about courses, schedules, preliminary grades, workshop enrolments, announcements and more. The programme managers of the Bachelor and Pre-Master programmes are responsible for the content of SIN-Online. MyEUR gives you access to SIN-Online.


Canvas is the digital learning environment connected to courses. You will find detailed information about the courses, the course manual, literature, professors' office hours, lecture slides, assignments, samples of earlier exams, answers to the assignments, etc. The Canvas sites are maintained by professors. MyEUR gives you access to Canvas. 

OSIRIS student 

OSIRIS student is the internet access to the study progress system OSIRIS. With the help of OSIRIS, you are able to register for courses (and thus exams) and look up your official grades. MyEUR gives you access to OSIRIS.