Anne Käufer

Nationality: German 
Age: 36 
Job title: Lawyer and group leader at RheinEnergie AG
Previous degree: Second Legal State Exam, University of Cologne

1. Why did you decide to join RSM’s Executive MBA and how did people react?  

“I wanted to learn more about economy and develop my leadership skills, so the RSM Executive MBA´s main topic was exactly what I was looking for. I am happy to be challenged again in a different way, after eight years of working. Most people were a little sceptical because I’d finished studying the law many years ago, and have been employed for a long time so they didn’t think another study was necessary. But now that I tell them how much I like the EMBA, they understand it is a great programme and an important experience for me.”

2.  How is the EMBA experience affecting your work?

“I’m already able to adopt some of the theories I learned, particularly when it comes to my colleagues’ and employees’ behaviour. I can now better anticipate why people act in a certain way in many situations.”

3.  How has the Personal Leadership Development Programme (PLD) affected you?

“I found the PLD classes particularly thought-provoking, and in an ongoing process I remember theories or cases we learned about, and compare to situations I am facing as a leader.”  

4.  What has been the best part of the EMBA so far?  

“I love my classmates! I’m sure I’ll stay connected with many of them after the EMBA finishes. I have not only made valuable acquaintances, but even an important friendship. What I learn during studies is highly valuable for me, but connecting with the people, and learning together in small groups is an important experience.”

5.  Which class have you enjoyed most so far – and why?

“I enjoyed ‘social and economic behaviour’ the most, because I’m very interested in the reasons why people behave the way they do. This class is followed by ‘personal leadership development’.  

6.  What is the biggest challenge of the Executive MBA?

“Time management, as sometimes we have many assignments at the same time, and the deadlines are close to each other.”

7.  After the Executive MBA, what does the future hold?

“Hopefully a challenging position with more responsibilities – where I can make use of everything I have learned during my EMBA.”