Should EMBA ratings be considered the holy grail?

Absolutely not! The rankings are a good step as first orientation to ascertain which schools enjoy global brand recognition and are deemed important players in business education. It is important to look at various rankings (there are a lot out there!) and to make sure you understand the criteria and weightings of the rankings - this is normally publicly available. It is then important to also look at accreditations to make sure the schools you are targeting adhere to certain global quality standards as set by international accreditation bodies. 

Once you have drawn up a choice of schools you will be investigating further, a key step is to ensure that there is a fit between what you want and what they offer. It is crucial that you feel comfortable with the teaching philosophy, ethos and environment of a school - this is where you will forge lifelong relationships and invest major resources - you want to make sure it is a place where you are confident that you will thrive!

Last update:
Wednesday, 27 August 2014

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