Career development journey

Career development journey

From the outset, we will work with you to understand your objectives, realise your leadership potential and help you to build a roadmap that will lead to the right opportunities for you and your career.

Advancing as a leader means committing to four key objectives:

  • Reflecting on your own leadership style and building deep self-awareness
  • Understanding the market, global business and the opportunities that exist for you and for your business
  • Developing the leadership competencies and mindset to lead change confidently, effectively and responsibly
  • Building a world-class knowledge and support network to help you broaden your perspectives, and to accelerate your personal and professional development.

We’re here to help you do this at every step of the way.

Throughout your EMBA and with the continuous support of our faculty, mentors, coaches and your peers, you will acquire new skills and understanding, put new ideas and approaches to the test, and accelerate your development and progress towards the next major professional challenge ahead of you.

A global business school, a global network.

You don’t just join a cohort when you choose the RSM EMBA, you join a global network of 40,000+ talented professionals in more than 80 countries – connected to hundreds of leading organisations and employers all over the globe.

Our alumni network is a support community that continues to connect you to learning and professional development services long after the programme ends. From annual reunions to conferences, social events, educational sessions and discussion panels with experts, you always have the chance to rekindle old friendships, meet new people, refresh your knowledge, exchange ideas and pursue interesting new openings and opportunities.

The bonds you make at RSM will stay with you for life.