Career impact

Career impact

The Executive MBA with a global reputation

In just 22 months, our part-time EMBA can change the course of your entire career. From day one, we get you ready to make a real, immediate impact in the workplace. It starts with the comprehensive industry knowledge every leader needs for career advancement. What’s more, you’ll apply what you learn every day when managing teams and working closely with other smart executives from diverse backgrounds.

In short, we get you ready for senior management. At RSM, leadership development runs through everything we do. You’ll learn a deep understanding of how people think, how organisations work and how innovations bubble up from big ideas.

That opens up a world of opportunity for you. Employers know RSM graduates have the advanced acumen required for top jobs. And you’ll even think about yourself and your abilities in profound new ways, with confidence in your capabilities and a drive to go further in your career.

The network with a global reach

After RSM, you join a powerful global network of more than 40,000 talented professionals in more than 80 countries, with connections to hundreds of prominent employers around the globe.

The bonds you build here stay with you for life. Our community is known to be friendly and supportive, despite the intensity of our EMBA programme. So when you leave, keep in touch with your classmates—the promising leaders you’ve gotten to know throughout your time at RSM.

Finally, we offer alumni a vast range of services and learning opportunities that remain open to you for the rest of your career. From annual class reunions and regional alumni chapters to discussion panels and conferences to social events (such as sailing regattas) and educational programs, there’s always a way for you to meet new people, rekindle old friendships, or brush up on your industry knowledge.