Employer benefits

Employer benefits

Create returns for your business

We hear from employers all over the world: RSM Executive MBA graduates make a big impact on businesses. That’s why many employers are eager to support their executives through the programme. Nearly 40 percent of our executive MBA students are sponsored, either fully or in part, by their company. It’s a smart move that gives your company both a competitive edge and a real return.

Invest in your high-potential executives, and watch as they return to the workplace with new energy — inspiring others and making a positive difference to the teams around them.

Connect to valuable new resources through RSM

An EMBA will connect your company to a worldwide resource of experts, institutes and other firms around the world. A swift and tangible return on investment is also retrieved via the programme's applied In-Company Project.

Support your high-potential executives

There are many ways a company can sponsor its managers. The most obvious is via the financing of tuition fees and expenses for travel and accommodations, both of which are tax deductible.* Companies also lend support by providing participants with scope to apply new ideas within their company during the In-Company Project. There’s also time. Even though our schedule is designed to minimise the days spent away from the office, giving EMBA participants the time they need to grow as leaders always comes back to the firm as a benefit in the long-run.

Earn your investment back in 17 months

In return for financial sponsorship, EMBA participants usually agree to stay with their companies for an agreed period of time, depending on how much support they receive. Most sponsored participants sign loyalty agreements of between one and four years after completion of the programme. Our research shows however that most companies feel they have received a full return on their investment a mere 17 months into the programme, thanks to their candidate’s improved performance and expanded networks.

* RSM cannot provide information regarding tax reductions and recommends you contact your local and/or personal tax office.