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Part-time executive MBA Info Session Q&A session hosted by Lida Dimitriou, Recruitment & Admissions Manager Executive Programmes and Vasileios Zaravellas Associate Director of Sales and Admissions.
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Most organizations will ask for a time commitment in return for sponsoring the MBA (i.e. stick around x yrs after EMBA). If you are not sure if you want to continue in the same organization, what do you suggest?

If an organisation is willing to sponsor you, they must see potential in you as an employee. Maybe part of your sponsoring conversation can be about more than only time and money - i.e. can they work with you on securing projects that will provide new challenges and in which you can implement your new EMBA knowledge? Can you discuss the areas you can grow into within the company post-EMBA? Would they be open to new ideas you bring? If you are absolutely certain that you do not want to commit to the requirements from your company when sponsoring the EMBA, you might want to start looking at self-funding. However, it is good to then still have a conversation with your employer to make sure in principle they will be supportive. It makes for a much more rewarding EMBA experience if your company is behind you. (Having said that, we do have students that embark on the programme and succeed with no company support.)

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Wednesday, 16 September 2020

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Lida Dimitriou
Lida Dimitriou
Recruitment & Admissions Manager