Course Fees and Additional Expenses

The cost of tuition for the EMBA programme starting in 2022 is €56,500. For many, this fee is tax deductible, and payments are carefully spread across three calendar years. For the 2022 programme, this means you will be billed in three instalments as follows:

Amount  Payment Type Due Date
€ 5,000* Admissions fee Registration deadline 
€ 13,500 1st Instalment  17 December 2021 
€ 19,000 2nd Instalment   1 July 2022
€ 19,000 3rd Instalment  10 January 2023

* Please note: a initial non-refundable admissions fee of €5,000 is required to secure your place on the programme. This is due on your registration deadline date as stated in your offer letter.

The programme fees cover tuition, course materials and essential EMBA text books. 

  • Accommodation costs for the two international immersions are included in your programme fees; however, each participant is responsible for travel arrangements to and from the destination.
  • Participants are strongly advised to own a laptop. The cost of this is not included in the programme fees.