Bart Luters (EMBA16)

Nationality: Dutch
Job title: Founder/owner at
Previous degree and university: Dutch Criminal Law, Erasmus University

Why did you decide to join RSM’s MBA?

“I had a lot of friends doing an MBA internationally and I heard from them that it had transformed their life completely. I’m a lawyer by education, so I wanted to get the theoretical background in business, especially when it comes to numbers. The best way to obtain this is by doing an MBA, and the best MBA in the Netherlands is at RSM. I’m also an alumnus of Erasmus University; I did my bachelor and master here.”

How was your company born? What was the inspiration behind?

“The inspiration is twofold: first I thought about the commercial implication of not having to travel to the place where the problem is. So I asked a friend of mine, a programmer, if it is possible to make video connection instantly with and between any device without having to set up an account first, so no FaceTime, no Skype, and he said this is feasible.

Then the EMBA study trip to Cape Town happened. The first thing I noticed there was there was full 4G and I couldn’t believe it. During the tour we had some lectures about micro payments and how mobile phones are really intertwined in the daily routine of everybody from the townships to Cape Town's central city area. This is what I found truly fascinating, especially when it comes to the healthcare sector. We heard that people in the township struggle to get medical assistance, not only because of financial reasons, but also due to the fact they are ashamed or don’t want to go to see a doctor. Suddenly, something very small, becomes very significant if someone doesn’t intervene. I then asked our guides if the nurses also lived in the township, and yes, they did. I thought it’d be brilliant if these people all had mobile devices; the patients could just request assistance through their cell phones and be totally anonymous. One thing led to another and this is how the idea was born. My inspiration really came from the EMBA study trip to South Africa, especially realizing the importance of social exclusion as an issue. That is the key takeaway for me and the reason why I’ve started on this venture.  

What me and my partner want to achieve with is to enable people who are not that mobile anymore, or of age, but have great experience, to share their expertise by providing video assistance to whatever problem one may have. These people can work from home, so the app would be suitable for all sorts of experts, doesn’t matter if it is a plumber, a sculptor, a painter or a car mechanic. Through this app they can all share their expertise with others just by sitting behind the screen. We would then be one step ahead in solving the social exclusion issue.

I started working full-time on the startup a month ago. My idea is to expand this internationally, because there is no language barrier, no infrastructure barrier, since it’s all web-based. The MBA has definitely given me the confidence to take this step. For me, the signal that you want to do an MBA means that you’re going for a swift in your career, for a change. I think everybody in the MBA will eventually do another job, because everybody does the MBA to advance themselves. You really find yourself in the MBA, being surrounded by like-minded people.”