Miljan Stamenkovic

Nationality: Serbian
Age: 33
Job title: Managing Director for Digital Transformation at MSG Global Solutions
Previous degree and university: Bachelor in business administration and master in financial management at the University of Belgrade  

Miljan Stamenkovic has lived in Serbia and Germany, and has been in the Netherlands for five years. His job requires a lot of travelling to countries in Europe, Asia and North America. Miljan is engaged and lives in Utrecht.

1. Why did you decide to join RSM’s Executive MBA?

“After nine years in IT-consulting, I wanted to refresh my business skills to get a better foundation. What struck me about RSM was the international character. I work in an international environment and wanted to study in this atmosphere as well."

2. How did people around you react when you decided to go for it?

“This was a challenge. It was crucial to set expectations with myself and the people around me. My family and fiancée were supportive, which was an important mechanism to actually go for the programme. It would be difficult to manage it without their support.”

3. How are you managing to balance studying with work?

“The first year has gone well so far. The programme is tough, I have a demanding job, and I travel a lot for work too. I want to deliver on both sides. This challenge has made me more efficient. I have to stay fit for work, for the programme and for my family. Efficiency is really crucial to make it a success.”

4. How is the EMBA experience affecting your work?

“Because my classmates are all from different countries, we learn to cope with cultural challenges. It helps me understand my colleagues better as well, so it has a direct impact on my work. The content of the classes are changing and expanding my perspectives on what I was already doing. In a global company, it’s important to understand global economics. Also, in the first term we had managerial economics, I used this knowledge directly in my work.”

5. What is the return on investment you expect from the Executive MBA?

“My company is supporting me. The organisation expects me to bring back new knowledge and incorporate this in my role. A member of the management board highly recommended RSM, and knew this was the right choice.”

6. How has the Personal Leadership Development programme (PLD) affected you?

“We learn about personal leadership throughout the programme. It’s useful to learn new ways of thinking in terms of collaborating with people from different cultures, who work on different levels.”

7. What can you say about your classmates?

“We’re all very involved with each other. Everyone sets high standards, and we learn a lot from each other. Everyone is international and brings their perspectives to different issues, culture-wise and industry-wise. We identify each other’s weaknesses and strengths – you basically have a supporting network from the first day at RSM.”

8. What has been the best part of the EMBA so far?

“From the beginning, we have been working on case studies. Discussing these business cases is really putting leadership into practice. We learn a lot of theory, and a lot about practising leadership as well.”

9. Which class have you enjoyed most so far – and why?

“Managerial accounting was the most challenging, and I also enjoyed it the most. It was like a mini-business course. We learned different aspects of doing business: strategy, finance, and sales. It was great to explore these business areas.”

10. What is the biggest challenge of the Executive MBA?

“Time management to complete assignments combined with a demanding job. It’s a challenge to keep up with everything and be able to spend quality time with friends and family. I have to set priorities and I’m getting more efficient over time.”

11. After the Executive MBA, what does the future hold?

“I plan to stay in the Netherlands. Everyone in the EMBA programme thinks that the EMBA will have a significant impact on our career development. People are switching industries and roles – they’re going for something new. This applies to me too. I’ve been in IT-consulting for nine years. With this new business foundation, I will take a step forward.”