Oscar Carol

Oscar Carol

Name: Oscar Carol
Nationality: Spain
Age: 33 Job title: International Workplace Manager at Uber
Previous degree and university: MSc in Civil Engineering at Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya

 1.  Why did you decide to join RSM’s Executive MBA?

“I always wanted to pursue an education in business to broaden my knowledge. Engineering and business are a good combination to take on leadership positions within my company. I wanted to learn about finance, strategy, accounting, economics, and HR. All these subjects that RSM’s EMBA offers are the missing pieces in my education that I need to become a leader.”

2.  How are you managing to balance studying with work?

“I spend my nights studying. I try to manage my time efficiently and make the most out of every MBA weekend. Work and the EMBA are a demanding combination. I skip coffee breaks at work to use the gap for my assignments.”

3.  How is the EMBA experience affecting your work?

“I can apply my new knowledge in my day-to-day work. We had a conflict at work and I applied the theory from the organisational behaviour course about the relationships between people in the company. There’s direct feedback from the MBA in my work, I notice it when I interact with colleagues. The EMBA also connects you to other departments in your company. For the finance course I spoke to a finance colleague about our budgets which I hadn’t done before. That’s a really good thing.”

4. What is the return on investment you expect from the Executive MBA?

“I don’t expect an economical compensation. RSM’s EMBA is a starting point to enter more senior positions in your company. When people are higher up, they earn more. So I’ll get a return on investment eventually.”

5.  How has the Personal Leadership Development Programme affected you?

“It’s an interesting course that makes you think about where you stand as a leader. It calibrates you. I know when to draw back. During a networking course, the lecturer told us how networks affect a company and which roles different people play. I understand better now that everyone can have a crucial role, whether it’s the receptionist or the CEO.”

6.  What can you say about your classmates?

“Only good things! The social part of the EMBA is important to me and it’s great to have so many new friends from around the world. You see the energy and I learn a lot from all of them. During group assignments, I learn about cultural differences when dealing with others. We also give each other good critical feedback after every assignment.”

7.  What has been the best part of the EMBA so far?

“The best part was the study trip to Cape Town. We all really got to know each other. Everyone was enthusiastic and friendly. It really gave us a group feeling.”  

8. What is the biggest challenge of the Executive MBA?

“We have 20 assignments in five months, sometimes at the same time. With not everyone living in the same city, it’s challenging to meet sometimes. The team work can be less effective because of that. It always works out but sometimes there are conference calls in the middle of the night. Sometimes it’s hard to combine this with my personal life.”

9.  After the Executive MBA, what does the future hold?

“I’m planning to stay with Uber. It’s a start-up with an amazing growth projection. There’s a bright future ahead of us and we get a lot of positive feedback. RSM’s EMBA brings me knowledge and wisdom that will help me to grow in the company.”