Mark Durno (EMBA16)

Nationality: British
Job title: Managing Director at UrbanFarmers Benelux BV
Previous degree and university: Law, The University of Glasgow

1.  Why did you decide to join RSM’s Executive MBA?

"Having worked in an entrepreneurial environment for 4 years after my legal practice, I wanted the chance to upgrade my intuition to hard skills and pit my business abilities against like-minded, passionate and intelligent individuals."

2.  How is the EMBA experience affecting your work?

"The experience is having a positive effect on my work. After the initial shock of new study deadlines and extra work wears off, the EMBA actually forces me to be more efficient and concentrate on doing the things that matter. I know just how productive I can be now!"

3.  Could you tell us more about your current position?

"I am Managing Director of UrbanFarmers Benelux BV. The company is a Swiss based start-up specialising in the design, construction and operation of commercial rooftop farms in cities. My responsibility is for the companies start-up and scale-up strategy for our Benelux subsidiary, and overseeing all projects in the region."

4.  What is the return on investment you expect from the Executive MBA?

"Ultimately, I expect the EMBA to unlock my potential as an entrepreneur. This does not necessary mean that I expect an immediate financial return, rather that I can hone my ability to seize opportunities, build ideas into action and create value for the environment and economy. I believe this will correlate with financial return for me too."

5.  After the Executive MBA, what does the future hold?

"Although I have no clear job or title in mind, my ambition is that I have a positively impactful future for environment and society in the work that I do. This will most certainly change from year to year, and I look forward to the many adventures that are yet to come. Most importantly for my own development, I want to ensure I continue to work alongside bright minds like those of my class mates and lecturers at the EMBA."