MBA scholarships

MBA scholarships

With the majority of our students getting company support, either in terms of financing or time, approaching your organisation is probably the first place to start. We have a sample Business Case you can download to assist with this.

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Each year, RSM offers a limited amount of financial assistance to OneMBA candidates. While the Admissions team evaluates each request on a case-by-case basis, in general, we base our evaluation on a candidate’s financial needs, unique or exceptional professional experience and previous academic performance . For more information on financial assistance possibilities, please contact Tinka Broeders, OneMBA Admissions Manager who will be happy to discuss the opportunities with you.

At Rotterdam School of Management (RSM) we believe in and foster life-long learning. In recognition of this ideal, we are offering graduates from the RSM and EUR Bachelor and/or Master degrees a 10% MBA Lifelong Learning Award offered as a tuition fee waiver.

This scholarship is available to all our three MBA Programmes:

  • International full-time MBA - commencing January 2019
  • Executive MBA - commencing February 2019
  • Global Executive OneMBA - commencing September 2018

Scholarship Application Deadline: same application deadline as applying to the relevant MBA Programme.

In order to be considered for this scholarship you must:

  1. be a RSM or EUR Alumni graduated from a Bachelor and/or Master programmes
  2. have completed and submitted your MBA application according to the MBA admissions process and application deadline to one of the following RSM MBA Programmes
    International Full-time MBA
    Executive MBA
    Global Executive OneMBA
  3. produce the required graduate diploma and transcripts from the RSM/EUR Bachelor and/or Master degree programmes.

How to Apply:
Complete and submit by email, the RSM Alumni Lifelong Learning Scholarship Application Agreement to the Financial Aid Office at by no later than the OneMBA admissions application deadline 3 September 2018.

Selection Process:

  1. Has submitted graduate proof for the Bachelor and/or Master degree from the RSM or EUR as part of the MBA application process and that these have been verified by the RSM MBA Admissions Committee.
  2. Received a placement offer letter for one of RSM's MBA Programmes:
    Executive MBA commencing February 2019
    Global Executive OneMBA commencing September 2018
  3. Candidates who apply for this Award will not be eligible to apply to any other Scholarships available via RSM or full company sponsorship.
  4. The Award applications will be reviewed by RSM MBA Awards Committee and if eligible for this award, the candidate will receive an email from the RSM Financial Aid office confirming this and the next steps.