Alumni Corner

Alumni Corner

Wim van Gerven – OneMBA 2008

Change Manager at Syntrus Achmea Pensioenbeheer and founder/owner of WIM kleren



What are the most valuable skills that you took from your Global Executive OneMBA programme at RSM?

The leadership development part helped me to focus on things I really want to do. For me it was also very valuable to make international connections. This helped me to create an international environment for my shop WIM Kleren, a high end clothing company. I am now making a change from financial management to the fashion industry.  


How has the OneMBA impacted your current work?

I’ve learned that everything is about choices. The OneMBA was my journey in self-reflection. Theories are interesting, but they remain theories. It’s about using them in your daily life. I work in change management and like being creative while managing. The OneMBA gave me many instruments to develop my creativity. But the real impact was on development, every day needs new ideas.


What are your plans with your webshop “WIM kleren”?

My goal is to create a small company in the fashion industry’s high end. I make individual high-quality pieces, which are made to fit a woman who’s looking for a unique piece of garment. I’ll make numbered and signed copies of the original, but no more than 10, otherwise I’ll get bored. For WIM kleren I have the haute couture idea in mind. I want to continue my shop on internet, as well as sell my designs in boutiques in Amsterdam.


When did your interest in fashion design start?

When I was a small child I started making garments for dolls. I also made clothes for friends and family. I enjoyed that and have now decided that I’d like to do that all day, every day.


What was the most memorable moment at RSM?

I loved the Personal Leadership Development Programme (PLD). Absorbing all the theory is one thing, but being a person who knows what they want in life is a totally different thing. It’s why I chose the OneMBA. Not just theory, but also why I might do things. It’s real.


How would your former classmates describe you?

As a stubborn man, I think. I talk more than I listen. I’m still in touch with some classmates. Social media really helps to see what people do, what’s on their mind and how they develop. It’s great.