OneMBAs about Personal Leadership Development

OneMBAs about Personal Leadership Development

Participants in RSM’s OneMBA programme think about what type of leaders they are – and how to approach challenges and people – in the Personal Leadership Development programme as part of the curriculum.

Marianne Wilton (OneMBA 2020)

"PLD presses you to examine everything you do, and is directed at your learning and growth process. Combined with new information from other classes, this compels you to bring (positive) change to things around you."

Elena Krukouskaya (OneMBA 2020)

PLD is beautiful. It stops time to think about your aims. In our everyday routine we don’t dedicate time to it. PLD pushes you to think about it. I’ve learned to see and deal with my weak points. I see my purpose in more details and how I can achieve it. Thanks to the teacher I have a plan. I can’t wait for every coaching session.

Elena Pupazan (OneMBA 2019)

People are the enablers of success, at individual and collective level. Learning to connect and collaborate with people starts with myself. PLD gives us the space, tools and support to understand who we are, where we want to go, and how to do achieve this. It’s a process and a continuous journey. We need to develop it as an engine of our life. It is also the only way to be able to truly be respectful, understand and effectively engage with others.

Hakima Charef-Khodja (OneMBA 2018)

“PLD offers an interesting opportunity to focus on personal leadership. It has been valuable to realise that things that I thought were weaknesses can be valuable assets if you know how to use them. I want to embrace these and increase awareness to make it a strength.”

Brent van Rossem (OneMBA 2017)

“I have a background in HR so I thought personal leadership development would be a walk in the park. I’ve now learned that it has brought self-reflection and human interaction to a next level. I see my impact on others in a whole new light. I used to try to influence others by passionately sharing my opinion. Now I think that better understanding other people’s mental models will enrich my message which in turn increases my impact.”

Juan Cajiao (OneMBA 2016)

“I believe that leadership and strategy are as critical to organisations as they are for individuals. The Personal Leadership Development programme is all about identifying what matters to each of us and how do we live that every day. The programme is helping me to shape the way I approach challenges and people and it is also making me more aware that what I do every day influences my life and my life purpose.”

Eveline Maas (OneMBA12)

“I think the best example is the PLD; you learn about who you are, what you’re good at and what you enjoy. The personal development tools I practised, and what I discovered as I did so convinced me I’m studying the right programme. It also convinced me I am in the right job, and actually increased my enthusiasm for the career I have with ABN AMRO. I realised that I fit really well with my company, whereas before I had not thought it was quite so good. The whole process has been extremely fulfilling.”

Munish Khurana (OneMBA12)

On a personal level, I have learned more about myself and verify what I actually want. My ideas have changed and improved. On a professional level, I’m gaining a complete view of all aspects of business. This is valuable for me because I’m involved in improving IT business processes, which address aspects related to “the right thing to do” and “do things the right way”.

Janneke Meulenberg (OneMBA12)

“The Personal Leadership Development programme (PLD) course is very important and valuable for me. Leadership development is a lifetime activity that never ends. Being the CEO of the company can sometimes feel like a lonely position and it’s helpful to have some reflection in a different setting with different people; to be able to step back and analyse. The peer group that the OneMBA provides is very useful for me.”

Marc Groenewegen (OneMBA12)

“I want to work on my personal development. The Personal Leadership Development programme (PLD) ‘forces’ me out of my comfort zone, which is necessary to grow and develop. The PLD thread, which runs throughout the programme, is a great motivator to develop yourself. My first PLD coaching session is coming up soon, and so far I have felt like I have only just scratched the surface in the process of examining myself and my motivations. The OneMBA and PLD in particular will help me identify myself and my values and passions much more clearly than before. I have done this kind of thinking before without it being a formal part of a training programme – sometimes there’s a trigger event that starts the process – and I find it very useful. Others might not be aware of its benefits (yet). I also enjoy coaching others and the PLD process helps me to do this by making me take a step back and look at my own coaching style. "

Karin Heijink (OneMBA11)

I was living in The Netherlands when I started with OneMBA; halfway through the programme I moved back to London, and that decision was made inspired by the Personal Leadership Development programme (PLD). Reflecting about key issues in PLD – what are your personal values, what are you good at, what do you enjoy – made me realise I missed living in London, and I missed working in the international media environment. So being back in London, is in part thanks to the OneMBA!”

Cesar Buque (OneMBA11)

Critical thinking is for sure one of the key elements I have learned in this programme! That is a very important part of OneMBA, including Personal Leadership Development programme (PLD). The PLD classes are so great; they are designed so that everyone can be sure they understand who they are, what they are doing, and why. It helps to set up goals, challenging goals and to clearly communicate those, in such a way that people can follow. PLD helps me to reflect on what I REALLY want in my life but also in business, and how I can get there through the business that I’m doing.