Module 2

Global Residency 2 – North America:

During this global residency OneMBA participants get to explore North America.

Participants examine the role of the US in the global business environment while engaging with executives from leading multinational companies and thought-leaders on topics such as leadership, global ethics and cultural teams. In Mexico participants discuss topics as diverse as finance, marketing, corruption and development.

Local Residencies 5-7:

Global Marketing Management

Effective and successful global marketing balances globally-integrated strategies and defined local needs. This course focuses on understanding competitive rationality, advantage and complexities in relation to global marketing communication decisions. Participants analyse multinational organisations and their aim to create long-term customer satisfaction across a global market.

Corporate Finance in a Global Environment

Maximising corporate value in a global environment requires a clear framework, integrated with a range of international financial concepts. Participants cover these key features and develop an understanding of the interaction of financial policy with corporate strategy. They also develop a “financial mindset”: the ability to analyse, plan and make real-world financial decisions applied in the context of regional and global team projects.

Corporate Governance

This course helps you develop a strategic understanding of corporate governance by discussing a firm’s ownership, decision-making, and accountability practices, and how these align with its strategy, core activities and key resources. Corporate governance is about ‘the rules of the game’ within which firms develop and exploit their resources in order to create an appropriate value. These ‘rules of the game’ are shaped both at the country level and at the level of the firm, at which level they are most malleable. Developing strategic understanding of corporate governance and how several stakeholders and business aspects relate is the overall aim of this course.

Change Management

To assist with successful transformation projects, organisations should develop well-planned, well-executed implementation programmes that prepare and enable stakeholders to adequately prepare for and address the change management issues that arise.

In this course participants discuss the traditional reasons behind resistance to change and explore a proposed framework and series of activities that management could consider to assist in managing effective change implementation.