Module 4

Module 4

Global Residency 4 - Europe:

This global residency focuses on the challenges of supply chains and sustainability in the diversity of both a developed and an emerging economy of Europe.

The week-long residency consists of group sessions, workshops and company visits at both locations. In the Netherlands, participants discuss sustainability initiatives with executives from world-renowned European companies, learn about the supply chain challenges and initiatives of the Port of Rotterdam and attend guest speaker lectures highlighting the future of Europe. In the emerging economy, participants meet with local business leaders and academia to exchange views about its transformation and the challenges businesses face as they enter the global economy. To conclude, OneMBA global teams prepare and present recommendations for developing sustainable enterprises in Europe. Recent residencies included Poland and Turkey.

Local Residency 11:

Global executive Practice: The Future

Understanding future global business environments provides insights into the requirements of business leadership in the new global economy.

In order to survive in global markets, business needs to attract and develop highly skilled and experienced executives capable of providing effective leadership in conditions of rapid technological change and hyper-competition. What does it take to be a business leader in the new global economy? How do you measure up? While it is impossible to foresee your personal future or to make confident predictions about technological developments and market conditions in the future, scenario planning can offer insights into possible future business situations and prompt critical reflection on one’s own career path as well as creative thinking about personal development goals and ambitions.