Powerful Networks

Powerful Networks

When you join the OneMBA programme, you become a lifelong member of the global OneMBA community: a mine of potential contacts and information for you and your company. Many participants claim the network of international contacts they build via the programme is as important for their career as the knowledge they gain through the curriculum.

The OneMBA network represents business professionals that include:

Executive OneMBA students from five partner schools

The worldwide OneMBA class is made up of around 100 executives living and working around the globe. These participants are smart, ambitious and successful professionals who are typically around 36 years of age with 12 years professional experience, and come from a wide range of companies and industries. These are people you will want in your team – and in your network.

Executive Alumni

After graduation, you will join the OneMBA alumni community, as well as RSM’s Alumni Network, which includes alumni from all RSM degree programmes and expands to over 40,000 individuals in more than 80 countries around the globe. Annual class reunions, regional chapters, discussion panels and conferences, and social events such as sailing regattas are just a sample of the many activities taking place within this dynamic community – and which will give you a real sense of having an international corporate network at your fingertips.

Faculty and Corporate Contacts

As an RSM MBA, your corporate network comprises the long-standing network of companies that support RSM in multiple endeavours and events – as well as the network of companies represented by your fellow OneMBA participants in the programme. You will establish personal contacts on more than one continent and across a wide array of industries. Key faculty members from RSM and the partner schools will also form a valuable part of your network, offering in-depth expertise in particular knowledge areas.