Personal Leadership Development

Personal Leadership Development

Professional gain starts with personal growth.

What type of leader will you be? At RSM, students spend a whole year thinking about that question — and many more like it — when they take part in the Personal Leadership Development (PLD) programme. It’s a systematic approach to management that we’ve designed and built into every corner of our MBA curriculum.

We’re a pioneer in leadership education. As such, we’ve engineered our PLD programme to add a powerful dimension to core MBA classes. Here’s what we offer:

Leading knowledge.
Our academics and professional coaches have their fingers on the newest insights and best practices from all over the world. You’ll have access to all of it through the PLD programme.

Leading in action.
Apply your managerial savvy through active lessons — such as in-class exercises, simulations, group work, peer reviews and mentoring opportunities.

Leading solutions.
Put your critical thinking to the test with our Living Management Consultancy Project. For three weeks, MBA students work together to solve a real-world business problem for a real firm, and present their work to its executives.

Leading support.
We’re a business school, but we’re far from cutthroat. Our culture is open and collaborative, supportive and inclusive. As your behaviour and mindset change, you deserve faculty, staff and peers who will stand behind you and help you along.