Barry Standish

Subject: Economic Environment of Business (Full-time MBA and EMBA)

Bio: Barry Standish is partner and director of Stratecon, an economic research company. He was, until 2013, a senior economist with the Graduate School of Business at the University of Cape Town. He has published several books and numerous articles. While he has consulted in various capacities in the past, economic and financial modelling is his key specialisation.

Can you describe your teaching experience at RSM so far?

"Teaching at RSM so far, I am most impressed with the international diversity of the student body. It’s an eye-opening experience to meet and teach people from different parts of the world; you can learn so much from it. What stands out the most for me is the uniqueness of the students.”

Can you explain a bit more about the subject you teach at RSM, Economic Environment of Business?

“The course is about two things; it’s about looking over your right shoulder, seeing the economic events that could unfold and learning to avoid them. And it’s also about looking over your left shoulder and seeing the policy responses, the part central banks play and using these policy responses. It’s very much a forward-looking course. What I usually do is put the students in a position where they can actually look forward and try to anticipate what is going to happen in the future. Economics is one of the most difficult subjects for students and I do my very best to make it as easy to comprehend as possible. I use simple examples to illustrate the material and I make sure there is a recording of each one of my lectures so that the students can always revisit. I do get positive feedback and I consider Economic Environment of Business a very rewarding course to teach.”

What is your favourite place to travel?

“It takes me 24 hours to come here, but I like being in Rotterdam; I like the Netherlands and Dutch people. I’m quite impressed with Delft as well.”

What is your favourite book?

“I am a partner and director of a company called Stratecon, an applied economic research company. We’ve been running for twenty years now. We’re always very busy, so when I have a chance to sit down I read the paper, I read the Financial Times and the Economist.”