More than a classroom

The RSM MBA and Personal Leadership Development
The RSM MBA and Personal Leadership Development  
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More than a classroom

Expanding your horizons.

Classes are all-important — and ours rank among the top international business schools. But standing out in the world of business takes something more. It takes stepping out into the world around you. That’s why the Rotterdam MBA takes you out of the classroom for valuable experiences that make you a better leader.

Catalunya and Bergplaas electives  
At RSM, we believe in experiential learning to be part of your transformational experience. That is why we constantly create new electives that provide you with experiences to hone your leadership skills.

Our Catalunya Leadership Journey is one example of this. In the Spanish landscape, you will develop into a more authentic and successful leader while you have time and space to explore who you are, what you value, and why you value it.

Another example is a leadership retreat aiming to renew leadership through mindfulness, storytelling and silence. It takes place in the Bergplaas nature reserve, owned by Princess Irene of the Netherlands. The beauty and isolation allows you to slow down and think about what type of leader you would like to be.

Living Management Project
Every year, companies come to Rotterdam looking for help with specific business challenges. And every year, they leave with innovative new solutions developed by MBA students at RSM. It’s a core element of our curriculum, called the Living Management Project.

For a few weeks, you’ll become a consultant and apply what you’re learning in class. You’ll work with imperfect information, tight deadlines and diverse team members to solve a serious business problem for a real client. What’s more, our partner companies are known to actually implement these ideas to improve their businesses — and a recent case even made its way to the Dutch parliament.

Personal Leadership Development programme
Leadership development runs through every part of our curriculum. Read about our world-class Personal Leadership Development programme, and how it sets you apart from MBA graduates from other business schools.

Study tours
Rotterdam is the ideal setting for your business education. It’s the gateway to Europe — a thriving international port and one of the most diverse cities in the Netherlands. But it’s also a launch pad for big global experiences. As an RSM student, you can go on study tours to cities across the world.