Brigitte Schneeberger

Brigitte Schneeberger

Nationality: Dutch

Age: 27

Last job title: Marketing manager at KPN

Previous degree: MA in Communication, University of Groningen

Why did you choose RSM for your MBA?

“I wanted to get more knowledge about how companies work and I wanted to specialise in marketing. RSM is listed well and is well-known in the Netherlands and beyond. There’s a focus on personal leadership development and there’s a lot of group work. The combination of that and a small class is more effective than being in a big group and being left on your own.”

What has been the most challenging assignment or activity?   

“The Living Management Project was challenging because we had to get to know a company in-depth, and to work in a team with such different backgrounds in a short amount of time. It also wasn’t easy to present your proposal to the company and bringing across your idea to sell it. Also, because I’m from the Netherlands, I already had a busy social life and it’s a challenge to maintain this in combination with the workload.”

How has the Personal Leadership Development Programme (PLD) affected you? 

“By working in groups and getting feedback from people who don’t know you teaches you more about yourself. A lot of assignments are videotaped which is helpful to see how you act and how people respond to your actions. That helps to rethink and overlook the consequences of your behaviour in group surroundings.”

Do you notice different cultural approaches to working within global teams?

“Everything that you do within RSM’s MBA is impacted by the diversity of your class. Not just in assignments but also in discussions, and outside of school. Everything is affected by different cultures. It expands how you feel about different cultures and takes away prejudices and misunderstandings. It also helps you think about how you’re being interpreted as being Dutch.”          

Can you define the 'RSM MBA experience'?

“It’s not only about learning a lot content wise and exploring new subjects from different angles. It’s also about learning more about people with different backgrounds. All of this gives it a rollercoaster effect. You learn how to deal with your surroundings. This makes you a more confident person.”

What transformation in your professional life are you hoping to achieve from completing the full-time MBA?              

“I want to be better at what I was already doing. The MBA teaches me more about subjects related to marketing which will make me grow faster within the field. Being more confident and having more knowledge will show what I’m capable of.”

What advice would you give to others to make the most of their MBA experience?

“Let go of everything and enjoy the process of what’s happening around you. Don’t try to control the situation, but just enjoy the ride.”

How do you feel about living in the Netherlands?

“If you’re in a classroom with such diverse backgrounds, you’re almost like an exchange student yourself in your own country. Of course the Netherlands isn’t new to me. But you do get to know more about the Netherlands because people tell you how they’re experiencing it from their point of view, which gives you new perspectives.”

After the full-time MBA, what does the future hold?

“Thanks to the MBA, I found out which aspects in my job I really like and which ones I don’t. That helps me in the process of finding a new job and knowing what’s important to me. In the past, I was driven by big names and salary. Now I’m more interested in finding something that I really like.”