Carolina Tagliafico

Carolina Tagliafico

Full-time MBA Class 2015

Nationality: Argentinian

Age: 34

Last job title: Senior financial analyst, Avery Dennison

Previous degrees: BSc in Accounting and BSc in International Trade at Universidad Argentina de la Empresa Questions                                    

Why did you choose RSM for your MBA?            

“RSM is one of the top business schools in Europe. Its unique Personal Leadership Development programme and its diversity were the main factors while deciding where to study for my MBA. Diversity is very important for me because you learn how to interact in a multi-diverse environment, which helps a lot in your professional and personal development.”  

What has been the most challenging assignment or activity?

“I would say that the team work is the most challenging activity. Everyone has different backgrounds, ways of working and expectations. You have to combine them in a way that you can achieve common goals. It’s always a challenge to work with people who are from different cultures but the most important thing is to get to know the other person better and understand those differences. Always be open and flexible.”                

How has the Personal Leadership Development Programme (PLD) affected you?

“It’s all about impact and interaction. We’re not alone in this world. We are interacting with people all the time. It’s important to realise how our actions or decisions impact other people. It’s always good to listen, reflect, and then take action. Sometimes, very small gestures can have a huge impact on other people.”  

Do you notice different cultural approaches to working within global teams?

“Of course, every culture has its own approach. You work with people who are very formal and structure, and people who are very friendly and informal. The communication is also different depending on their culture. There are people who prefer to communicate directly or people who use a more indirect approach. The key is to be aware of those differences and not to take them personally.”                

Can you define the 'RSM MBA experience'?

“Every day is a new experience. You don’t only become more knowledgeable but also a better person. During the MBA experience, you will receive a lot of tools to grow in your career and become a great leader. It’s up to you to make this experience a great one. You spend 24/7 with your classmates so you’re always interacting. You always learn from others, but also coach others. I’m also developing valuable long-term friendships. It’s really a lifelong experience.” 

What transformation in your professional life are you hoping to achieve from completing the full-time MBA?

“I’m a finance person and I want to move my career to positions where I can define the strategy of the company and affect its bottom line more directly. The MBA provides me with the tools to develop general knowledge and better understand the company as a whole. After finishing the MBA, I will focus my career to a managerial position in business where I cannot only add value to the company but also to society.”                

What advice would you give to others to make the most of their MBA experience?

“Leave your comfort zone. You have one year to learn, go the extra mile, and improve yourself. Make it worth it. There is no right or wrong, so take risks and don’t be afraid of the unknown. You’re here to become a great leader. Follow your dreams and develop a good network.”

How do you feel about living in Rotterdam/the Netherlands?

“Within the past six years, I have lived in Leiden and now I have moved to Rotterdam. The Netherlands has given me so many opportunities to go further. People are very tolerant to different cultures. I love this country.”

After the full-time MBA, what does the future hold?

“I want to become a good woman in leadership. I want to set an example and open doors for women to help them develop in their careers. I want to further support gender-balanced leadership and continue to grow in my career. I want to coach other people to improve themselves and not to be scared to take risks and to follow their dreams.”