Susan Njoroge

Susan Njoroge

Nationality: Kenyan

Age: 30

Job title: Asset care manager

Previous degree: Bachelor in chemical engineering from University of Minnesota, Twin Cities.


I needed a career change and, more importantly, I wanted to leave engineering. I decided to apply to RSM, because the Netherlands is a good place to launch my European career. Many multinationals are located here and RSM’s rankings were good.

RSM’s MBA programme is great. I like the interactive nature of the lectures. RSM doesn’t use a traditional student-teacher approach. There’s a lot of project work in teams and you learn as much from your classmates as you do from the professors. The work often relies on practical experience, and less on theory. I really enjoyed the Living Management Project. I got to apply every single aspect of what I’ve learned to a business assignment. It was extremely valuable to put this knowledge into practice.

You’re constantly challenged during the MBA programme. In the work place, juniors wouldn’t challenge you like your classmates do here at RSM. People aren’t shy to give personal accounts of their own experience and their opinion of the topic discussed in class or project work. We’re all equal in class and we get honest responses, making the interaction very real. Sharing views from different countries is also a very rewarding experience.

“I feel like I’m part of the RSM family”

We interact with Executive MBA participants during combined classes and group networking sessions. This gives me the opportunity to speak to people from different companies and how they experience working there. I plan on being an active alumni member once I complete the MBA. I’d like to attend RSM alumni events and become a chapter head for Kenya and East Africa.

I love the staff at RSM. During the application process their support couldn’t have been better. And from the moment I stepped into the building, I felt like I was part of a large family. The support from different departments has been overwhelming, which made me feel comfortable and helped me to acclimatise. I immediately felt at home in a foreign city.

Rotterdam is a beautiful and safe city. You can easily get by without knowing Dutch as everyone speaks English. People are very friendly and liberal. I often cycle to get around and with the bicycle paths everywhere, you’re not exposed to real danger. It’s also easy to use public transport. Rotterdam has every cuisine you can think of. I also like living near water and the parks are beautiful. Even though the programme is packed, there’s always time to explore.  

Making business growth sustainable

Before coming to RSM, I was using sustainability from an operational point of view, such as energy and utilities management. Now I’m focusing on making business performance and growth sustainable according to the triple bottom line, which involves financial performance, environmental impact and social capital.

After the MBA, I would like to become involved in strategy and operations at a multinational corporation, such as Shell or L’Oreal. Integrating my technical bachelor with the commercial orientation of the MBA will allow me to make this transition. I’m already developing a better feel for management, from the shop floor to the strategic direction.

With all the challenges in the programme, you must be open and willing to learn. RSM helps you to push your boundaries and absorb what’s happening around. Let it be an incubation period. Whatever happens here makes you a better and stronger person once you leave RSM