5 Ways the RSM Alumni Network Will Change your Life/Career

5 Ways the RSM Alumni Network Will Change your Life/Career

There are a number of benefits you reap when you make the decision to do an MBA.

Ask most graduates and they will tell you about things like leadership development – the acquisition of insight, knowledge, aptitudes and tools to develop, harness and align talent. Or how taking an MBA opens up your horizons, broadens your perspective, exposes you to the complexities, the challenges and the opportunities of the global economy.

They might talk about world-class faculty – how you’ll be stretched and encouraged to take it further and deeper than ever before; the exposure to top-tier business leaders from around the world; the dynamics of interchange with your diverse class cohort.

The chances are that, if you are considering an MBA, you will already have drawn up a checklist of the many extraordinary advantages open to you and your professional and personal development.

But there is another major bonus that might not seem so obvious. And that is the alumni network.

When you graduate your MBA at Rotterdam School of Management, you join a community of more than 36,000 business leaders, innovators, entrepreneurs and trailblazers that spans the globe.

And the advantages of this network to your future career are game changing.

Five Ways the RSM Alumni Network Can Change Your Career

1. Networking

Whether you need advice or information, whether you are looking for the next career opportunity or interested in finding talent for your own organization – wherever you are in your career, from Hong Kong to Bogota, South Korea to Silicon Valley, chapters all over the world keep you connected to your fellow RSM alumni. Chapters organise events, activities, talks and social gatherings where you can build relationships, forge ties and network professionally.

2. Stay Connected to What’s Happening

Balancing your professional and personal commitments with the need to stay abreast of what’s happening in your sector, your profession or globally is always a challenge. The alumni network keeps you up to speed with what’s going on through a dynamic calendar of guest lectures, expert talks, events and publications that explore what’s happening in today’s business panorama – and what’s on the horizon.

3. Keep Your Skills Fresh

The global economy is always in flux. Things change and they change fast. It’s essential to keep your skills up to date and relevant to the evolving business panorama if you want to exploit future career opportunities and deliver real value to your organisation. The RSM alumni network offers a word-class portfolio of executive programmes, short courses and on-going professional development opportunities, from broader offerings to highly specialised training – all of them discounted to RSM alumni. From exploring change management to operations and supply chain to persuasive leadership and beyond, our open programmes keep your knowledge and your skills sharp and on point.

4. Supporting You in a “Man’s World”

Things might be on the up for women in business, but there’s still a long, long road ahead. In Europe today, only 17 percent of senior leadership positions and board members are women. And this, despite the reality that women account for more than 45 percent of the workforce. At RSM, we have a long-standing commitment to empowering and supporting women as business executives and as leaders. From the work of the Erasmus Centre for Women and Organisations through to our open programmes for women in leadership, RSM support for you as a businesswoman continues long after graduation. Whether you are looking to develop your leadership competencies, to improve your negotiating skills, to build your communication toolkit, or to network with other female leaders, the RSM alumni network has the resources to support you.

5. Helping You Find – and Recruit – Top Talent

As your organisation or business grows, you’re going to want to attract the kind of next-generation leaders that will drive its future. We organise a number of recruitment events and gatherings every year that will bring you face-to-face with RSM MBA talent. Whether it’s our interactive job board, on-campus fairs, company presentations, in-house days, workshops or company visits, wherever you are in the world, whatever your recruitment needs, we are on hand to help you precision match the right talent to your business objectives.

Wherever you are in your career, whether you’re at the start of your MBA journey or looking to drive your professional development further, find out more about the RSM alumni network – what’s on, what’s on offer, what you can do to take advantage or to take part, to engage or to give back. When you join our community you are part of something bigger- part of building, sustaining and driving talent and the sharing of knowledge all over the world. And that’s something you can feel proud of.