Gateway to the World. And to your Future.

Gateway to the World. And to your Future.

If you are reading this, you probably know quite a lot about the Netherlands. Like the fact that this is the lowest country in Europe – quite literally. A staggering 26 percent of the Netherlands is actually below sea level and the entire province of Flevoland is reclaimed from the sea.

But did you know that this land of dykes and tulips, Van Gogh and Mondrian, is also officially ranked as the healthiest country in the world by Oxfam?

We are the most fluent in English as a second language, according to the English Proficiency Index. Rutgers University has established that we’re the most bicycle-friendly nation on the planet.

And being the home of the Dutch East India Company, the world’s first multi-national corporation, was founded right here in the Netherlands.

Not bad for a small nation of 17 million (of whom 22 percent come, incidentally, from abroad).

Rotterdam, sitting at the Rhine–Meuse–Scheldt river delta, can also claim to be unique.

Known as the Gateway to the World, Rotterdam is Europe’s largest port. And one of the continent’s most international cities too. More than 170 nationalities live, work and study here under the leadership of Europe’s first Moroccan mayor, Ahmed Aboutaleb.

And it’s this mixture of internationality, tolerance, diversity, sustainability, entrepreneurial spirit – and good dash of famous Dutch geniality – that makes life at Rotterdam School of Management, Erasmus University, so exhilarating – and did we mention, affordable?

A City as Diverse at the Class of ‘18

Just ask MBA Kudzai Mtemeri. For the Zimbabwean impact investor, life in Rotterdam is “really diverse.”

“The Netherlands is such a liberal country, you can be yourself here. I enjoy living in Rotterdam. I felt at home straight away.”

Noelle Etienne, MBA Class of ’18, from Bolivia agrees: “I love it here. The city is so genuinely nice and people are so friendly. I live next to the lake by Kralingen, which is near the university. It’s so nice to have a place to relax after classes. There are also great restaurants. I’m excited about the summer festivals in Rotterdam, there’s really always something going on. You can’t get bored in this city.”

Following her MBA, Noelle aims to put her knowledge and experience to positive effect: “After living in Europe, I want to go back to Bolivia with everything I’ve learned and eventually transition into managing the family business.”

The Rotterdam Experience

• Rotterdam is home to 170 different nationalities

• It is the only city in the world officially have a “Cool District”

• The ceiling of the iconic Markthal bears the world’s largest artwork

• New York Times calls Rotterdam a “city to visit”

• Rotterdam is one of the most affordable cities in Europe to live and study

Shimar Saxena from India is so taken with Rotterdam that he plans to stay on in the Netherlands after his MBA.

“I hope to stay in the Netherlands and get into a well-respected company or a multinational. I also want to keep learning. The Netherlands is a great place for learning in practice.”

For Mungai Boulch from the United States, the diversity, camaraderie and the challenges of the RSM MBA experience have also led to a desire to stay on in the Netherlands following graduation.

“My MBA in Rotterdam has brought me out of my comfort zone. It has put pieces from the ‘business puzzle’ together to get a high-level view of how the world of business works and how people behave. It’s a great experience with faculty members and peers alike – I’m learning as much from both of these groups equally. The first time I met my classmates, I noticed the diversity and like-mindedness. Everyone is super-supportive. We have a great time learning and helping each other.”

Mungai aims to “stick around” in the Netherlands for the foreseeable future and pursue a career in HR. His affection for Rotterdam is shared by Japanese MBA student Yoko Fujimoto.

“I have had no negative experiences at RSM. People in Rotterdam are open and helpful. You don’t need to speak Dutch as everyone speaks English. The city centre is really convenient and you can cycle everywhere. Amsterdam is also so easy to reach.

“I chose the best place to move to in Europe.”

If you are thinking about fast-tracking your professional development and opening up your future opportunities with an MBA, why not get in touch with the RSM MBA admissions team and find out how your life could be transformed by a year in Rotterdam?