Podcast: Leadership lessons from fighting Apartheid with business

Prof. Christo Nel is one of the architects of our renewed Personal Leadership Programme for next year's Executive MBA.

What did fighting Apartheid in South Africa in a business platform that brought together radically opposing parties teach him about leadership development? And how will our PLD Programme change next year?

Topics covered in this podcast:

  1. How business was used to build trust and empathy between opposing parties in the 1980s
  2. What can this experience teach us about leadership?
  3. What leadership qualities should an MBA foster and develop?
  4. How will the renewed EMBA Personal Leadership Development Programme do this?
  5. In depth with the 'Leadership Compass', one of the guiding principles of the PLD Programme

Find out more about our Personal Leadership Programme here: www.rsm.nl/mba/executive-mba/l…ership-development/

RSM EMBA in a nutshell

The RSM Executive MBA is aimed at mid-career professionals with an international outlook and a minimum of 4 years of work experience, who are looking to expand their personal and professional leadership skills. Learn more about how doing an Executive MBA can change your career in a profound way here 

Format: part-time (every other weekend) 
Length: 22 months
Start: January 2021

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