Graduates of the Executive MBA class of 2020 and Full-time class of 2021 are requested to register for virtual graduation before February 15, 2021.  Registration is required so that graduates can provide updated information that is necessary for planning purposes. 

Registration will take approximately 5 minutes, and each graduate is asked to fill out the following details:

- Name 

- Address

- Nominate a fellow student for the "Student Award 2021".

If you missed the registration e-mail, please contact us via

Please note:

The registration for the ceremony does not necessarily mean a confirmation or guaranteed graduation. The Examination Board RSM B.V. will determine which students are qualified to graduate during their meeting in February 2021. Registrar office will inform the students of their eligibility to graduate thereafter. Furthermore, please remember that any outstanding financial obligations with respect to RSM will prevent individuals from graduating even if all academic requirements have been fulfilled.