Master graduates agree most strongly that the most important competencies to possess are problem solving - 97%, teamwork - 91% and strategic thinking - 84%. They agree much less that having entrepreneurial skills is an important competency – only 51%.

These skills are gained after graduation, according to the respondents, as is strategic thinking. Compared to the other competencies, research and analytical skills are mostly gained during studies, and creativity and teamwork are two competencies gained outside of studies, for example in extracurricular activities.

The competencies our MSc graduates possess

The period when the compentency was gained or developed


There are a few minor differences between respondents according to nationality. Having the skill to work independently is reported by 97% of Dutch respondents; they also have problem-solving skills. Knowing how to work in teams is claimed by  94% of respondents from EEA countries. EEA and non-EEA respondents say they learned how to work in teams during their studies, but Dutch respondents say they learned how to work in teams somewhere other than during their studies at RSM.