MSc graduate profile

MSc graduate profile

Background of graduates

Respondents came from 13 of RSM’s full-time MSc programmes. The largest group of respondents is from the MSc Strategic Management (15 per cent), MSc Business Information Management (14 per cent), and MSc Finance & Investments (13 per cent).

The response rates for three MSc programmes; Global Business & Sustainability, Human Resource Management, and Organisation Change & Consulting were too low to draw programme-specific conclusions. Graduates from the MSc International Management/CEMS received a different questionnaire, which was not as detailed to be able to make specific conclusions for this programme.

Number of respondents per MSc programme


Of the 546 graduates responding to the survey, 210 were female, 328 were male. 8 respondents didn’t tell us their gender.

Where do they come from?

There were 47 nationalities among the respondents; 61.1 per cent were Dutch, 41.2 per cent came from another country in the European Economic Area (EEA), and 9.3 per cent came from outside the EEA. Most international respondents came from Germany (11 per cent), Greece (2.9 per cent), and Hungary (2.4 per cent). 5.9 per cent of the graduates have more than one nationality – in the map these respondents are shown by the nationality they stated first.

Country of origin