RSM’s branding and style are seen by everyone who encounters any of our communications or marketing efforts. The handbook for how to use our style and branding got a makeover with the launch of the new RSM Brand Toolbox! There are new and easier-to-use resources, tools and guidelines for communications and marketing, making it easier to communicate who we are and what we represent. The new Brand Toolbox has been produced by the Corporate Marketing and Communications team (CMC) after asking people across RSM what help they needed.


What’s new?

You will find helpful tips and specifications for the kind of documents, logos and images that you use most often – such as PowerPoint templates – as well as new resources and practical tips. It’s now easier to find the elements that you need in the toolbox with a new optimised format. It’s always evolving and being updated, so keep an eye on the latest updates and additions here rather than keeping your own personal copies of the templates you use – they might be out of date by the time you use them again.


What resources can I find in the Brand Toolbox?

Newly added resources such as the RSM Corporate PowerPoint presentation are ready-to-use, fresh off the shelf. If you want to create your own comms and marketing materials in the RSM house style, then you can find all the tools and guidelines you need in there.

For your external suppliers such as designers, printers and other creatives working for RSM you can still request access to the Brand Toolbox to use the specifications and resources, just as you did before. You can do this by submitting a Jira ticket to the Digital Projects and Services (DP&S) Team.


Where can I find the tools I need?

Main categories are covered in five chapters: 

  1. Brand foundation
  2. Online branding
  3. Offline branding
  4. Imagery and music
  5. Brand resources.

Or you can use the handy A-Z index.

If you are completely new to the RSM brand, you can use the quick links to find your way around.


There’s more to come!

The brand team in CMC is preparing to roll out a ticketing system so it’s easy for colleagues to ask for help with branding and marketing issues. This will be very similar to the systems colleagues already use if they want to request help from CMC’s editors and the Digital Projects and Services team. The branding team’s Jira ticketing desk will be announced as soon as it’s ready.


Need more help?

Email, or contact members of the branding team individually:

Brand Toolbox updates