RSM offers bachelor and master students the opportunity to participate in an exchange programme at one of our valued academic partners worldwide.

Why an exchange programme?

  • Academic challenge:

    You compete, study and work with the best students at mostly top business schools

  • Learning and further development of personal and academic skills:

    E.g. independency, openmindness, integration in local culture, language

  • Distinction at labor market:

    You have a plus above others without an international experience

  • Networking:

    New friends and international (business) contacts for the rest of your life

  • Broadening your academic knowledge:

    By participating in courses other than the ones at RSM and from a different perspective

  • International activities at RSM:

    Are established in cooperation with our nearly 200 partner schools in the world

Erasmus Bridge
Students in Rotterdam

Dual degree programmes

Students in Case competition

MBA Exchange

Welcome MBA students!

The International Office at RSM which facilitates the exchange programmes on both Bachelor and Master level, works closely together with our colleagues responsible for the MBA exchange programme. We operate from two locations at RSM's main campus: the bachelor and master exchanges in the Mandeville Building (T) Building. MBA exchange activities take place in Bayle (J) building. 

Establishing a global network of peers, lifelong friends and contacts is a key benefit of RSM’s International Full-time MBA programme. One of the many ways in which we ensure you establish both global networks and international experience during the programme, is by offering you the chance to take part in an exchange at one of the top business schools with which RSM maintains a close relationship.

Information about exchange partner schools, available seats, is made available during the first term of your MBA programme at RSM.
MBA students will then get access to an internal website containing the relevant application and selection information.

For more information, please visit