At the open day for professionals you can experience RSM by joining mini-masterclasses. You can choose one mini-masterclass in the morning, and one in the afternoon. Please select your preferences when singing up for the open day.

Morning sessions at 10:45

Analytics for the win: advances in sports analytics and lessons for management

Dr Otto Koppius, assistant professor of decision and information sciences
What can managers in various industries learn from sports analytics? Ever since the publication of ‘Moneyball’, the use of big data and analytics has swept throughout professional sports, as the high-value stakes and the ever-present need to outperform competitors forces sports organisations to search for continuous performance improvements. Drawing on examples from sports, you will learn how analytics can uncover winning tactics on and off the field, helps to prevent athletes’ injuries and improve their fitness, and how it assists in improving talent development.

Innovations in pricing and optimal product assortments

Dan Schley, assistant professor of marketing
Companies use a range of strategies to co-ordinate prices and assortments to facilitate sales for specific target segments and to sustain a competitive advantage in today’s marketplace. This Frontiers in Marketing session covers cutting-edge approaches to setting strategic prices and assortments. Our academic speaker and expert practitioner will describe the new tools being developed within academic marketing, and best practices used by a leading multinational firm.

Marketing in the age of machine learning

Dr Pieter Schoonees, assistant professor of marketing
Improvements in algorithms and computing, together with an explosion in the amount of data at a marketer’s disposal, have enabled great advances in machine learning over the past decade. This will continue to revolutionise diverse fields such as healthcare, policing, customer service, transport and marketing. How do machine learning ’black boxes’ actually work, and what are the pitfalls that managers and businesses should be aware of? Combining insights from theory and practice, we provide answers by looking at examples from marketing and beyond.

Afternoon sessions at 13:00

Assortment optimisation in the era of 'the everything store'

Robert Rooderkerk, associate professor of operations management
 The range of products offered by retailers, especially online, is burgeoning, so consumers have to search harder and make more choices. Customer retention and long-term profitability depend on optimising your assortments’ composition and layout for findability and conversion, thus maximising short and long term customer satisfaction. Marketing analytics, big data and psychology can reveal how consumers interact with assortments, and how to apply filters and recommendations. This session will help you to understand how an assortment is much more than the sum of its parts.

Persuasive Leadership

Fleur De Lima, executive trainer and facilitator
Leaders in organisational environments where politics and power structures are challenging need to be more aware of subtle stimuli and changes so that they can exercise influence rather than control. Being able to influence and persuade those around you is becoming more important. Revisiting the arts offer principles and insights that teach us how to achieve more effective persuasive techniques. Explore a broad range of unusual but effective approaches and interactions, to act with greater confidence and tactical mastery within your organisation.