More sustainability in the curriculum

Almar Bok (MSc Global Business and Sustainability 2019) founded Education in Transition (EiT) with fellow student Jana van den Bergen. Their organisation strives to transform the current education system in ways which correspond to the needs of future generations. They lobby for increasing topics of social responsibility and societal relevance in interdisciplinary fields that foster sustainable development in bachelor and master curricula at Erasmus University, Rotterdam.

What is it about your effort that makes a positive change?
“EiT encourages and guides staff to assess their current practices with a critical viewpoint, and to devise interdisciplinary methods and topics to address the grand challenges that the world is facing. One way is by co-ordinating teach-ins; it’s an adaptation to an existing method. It provides a platform for motivated students to design and execute their own lesson plans so together with faculty they can question mainstream opinions and even raise opposing views for discussion. EiT has designed an extensive training with Risbo (a research and training consultancy) that helps students in developing their Teach-In from start to finish. And gives students insights in the complexity of designing new courses, novel materials and interactive methods.”

Why do you do it?
“Partly thanks to my bachelor years at Erasmus University College, I noticed room for improvement in innovative approaches to higher education at EUR. Others in the EiT team agree. We want to shine a spotlight on the powerful position for shaping the future that a university has. Erasmus University is in the best position to make sure that all graduates go into the world with a sustainable mind set. ”What keeps me going is the realization that I can keep on learning. I think it is good and healthy to step outside your own little world at times, and position yourself in a different (social) environment."

How can others get involved in doing something with you – or something like what you’re doing?
Join us! Students interested in improving the future of education can join the EiT board. Most existing milestones have been achieved at EUR already but EiT plans to expand to other universities, and also works with education consultancies to optimise results and organise teach-ins.”